Next block of Post-natal Pilates NOVEMBER 3rd

Book your place in the next block of Post-natal Pilates classes, starting Tuesday 3rd of November for 8 weeks. Babies welcome; Cost 100euro.


Enjoy learning and practising Pilates exercises under the guidance of a Chartered Physiotherapist specialised in the area of Women’s Health. Class suitable for mothers after vaginal ( including instrumental) and caesarean deliveries as well as anyone who suffered from Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction during pregnancy.

Individual assesssments can be booked for anyone who has special concerns about their ability to start exericing in  a class setting ( e.g Diastasis Recti concerns, Pelvic Girdle Dysfunction, Pelvic Floor issues. I can prescribe a pilates-based exercise program based on assessment to follow at home if the timing of the class, or other factors make it difficult to attend.

Give me a shout to book your place or to ask any question on the class ( look up the classes on my website for the content and benefits) on 087 2524225



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