New blocks of Pilates classes for March 2017

Post-Natal Pilates Friday 10th March at 10.45 (8 weeks)
Beginner’s Pilates Monday 6th at 7.30pm (8weeks)
Performance Pilates:Monday 8.30pm.Drop in any week!
Mixed level Pilates:Friday at 9.30am during term time!

Post-Natal Pilates: 8 classes starting Friday 10th March at 10.45 Babies welcome! This class allows you to work hard to regain confidence in exercising under supervision of a chartered physiotherapist specialised in women’s health. There will be some weeks off during this block with St Patrick’s Day and the Easter holidays falling during this time (no classes 17th March,7th and 14th April) so this block will run until May 19th.

Beginner’s pilates: 8 classes starting Monday 6th March at 7.30pm. This class is perfect for total beginners or those who are looking for a class that will be increase in level gradually over 8 weeks

Performance Pilates: A challenging class that will push you to achieve your best strength and mobility. Held on Mondays at 8.30pm, a drop in class.

Mixed level Pilates:Not far off the level of Performance Pilates because it seems to attract a loyal following who get strong and stay strong…this class is a great one to join if you happened to be free on Friday mornings at 9.30am.A great start to the weekend and a drop in class that runs with the school term.

All classes are held in Intensity fitness studio off the clondrinagh roundabout..any questions or to book in give me a shout 087 2524225.

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