New block of 5 Beginners (and building on) Pilates classes starting on Monday 22nd May. Contact me to book your place.


This class is for you:

if you have never done Pilates before and would like to ensure that you learn how to perform Pilates exercises with your core muscles correctly engaged. Pilates is very good for working on good posture, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and general strength as well as prevention of injury and pain. You will feel stronger and more toned after just a few sessions.

If you are looking for a good class to build up strength and tone, maintain good posture, balance and flexibility, and prevent joint pain.

if you have an injury/ condition that requires gentle rehabilitation. It can be reassuring to know that you are being instructed under the supervision of a Chartered Physiotherapist who has clinical experience dealing with injury and dysfunction.

If you are post-natal and would like to start at a beginner level ( or if you are looking for a second class and have a babysitter for this one! Please look at the post-natal section if you would like to bring your baby.)

You can be any age to join this class. The emphasis of the class will be on good technique and activation of the core in different positions. For clinical and safety reasons I would like to know my clients for this class, so that I can ensure that the exercise are specific to each individual; so this class is not a drop-in class. Please give me a shout if you are interested in joining.


Some of the conditions that can benefit from Pilates exercises are:


Recurrent Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Any sports injuries

Shoulder problems

Iliotibial Syndrome

Knee problems

Foot injuries



Poor balance or flexibility

4 thoughts on “BEGINNERS PILATES

  1. Hi, I would be very interested in these classes. Could you let me know what time they are on at and also where. I suffer with low back pain and i am currently getting physio
    Many thabks.


    • Hi Sinead,
      The classes are starting on Monday the 22nd May at 7.30 to 8.30pm for 5 weeks.
      You could run it by your physio to make sure they feel the timing is right for you to join a class


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