New block of 5 classes starting on Friday the 26th May at 10.45am in Intensity Fitness,Clondrinagh.

IMG_0099Post-natal Pilates helps your body to recover after pregnancy and delivery. The class is designed to challenge your core muscles gradually and the main aims of the class are:

To gradually and safely build up the strength in your pelvic floor to treat or prevent urinary incontinence an pelvic organ prolapse, to prepare your body for return to more intense exercise such as running, bootcamp, Zumba etc, and to prevent low back pain/ Pelvic pain in future pregnancies or just in future.

To build up the muscles that encourage good posture. Pregnancy and caring for small babies and toddlers can place so many stresses on our bodies, and mainly it encourages us to round our shoulders. Think of all the jobs that surround caring for your young children: feeding, changing nappies, lifting carseats, lifting babies in and out cots, pushing buggies,more lifting. All of these tasks lead to a change in posture that places us more at risk for lower back pain, pelvic pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Good posture is the simplest way to counteract bad posture and the injuries it can cause

To build up general strength, flexibility and fitness. The class is 60 minutes in duration and it targets all muscles. When it comes to post-natal Pilates, there are plenty of muscles that we can work hard. Pilates is a perfect compliment to aerobic exercises as it is great for toning and strength.

You can start post-natal Pilates 6 weeks after you have had your baby. Until then your Pilates program is your pelvic floor exercises and your pelvic tilting as advised by the Chartered Physiotherapists where you had your baby. Your baby is welcome to come to the class with you! Give me a shout if you have any questions or would like to book in.






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