Autumn Pilates 2018

My clinic will be closed for the next two weeks; if you would like to book an appointment you can book on my website. A block of 6 Post-Natal Classes will be starting on Friday the 31st of August at 10.45am. Please book in here if you are interested. Sometimes in September the class can be very busy but if there is demand I am happy to start a second class for that busy first term. Also a block of 8 Beginners classes will start on Wednesday the 5th of September at 7pm, I am taking bookings for this class here. Performance Pilates will continue as a drop-in class at 8pm and will start back on 5th of September too. Mixed Pilates will return as a drop-in class in Friday the 7th at 9.30am.

If you would like to book a clinic appointment please go

Any queries,give me a shout!Muireann Lohan Pilates Poster Final (2)

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