Do you know your Pelvic Floor?


Have you recently/ever had a baby?

Are you unsure of how to do your Pelvic Floor Exercises?

Are you feeling some weakness in your pelvic floor with or without symptoms of urinary leakage?

Are you feeling pressure in your lower pelvis/ vagina/ back passage or the feeling is out of place or dropping, particularly when you exercise or after lifting your baby/ toddler?

Are you experiencing pain during sexual intercourse?

Would you like to increase the intensity of your exercises (running, CrossFit, HIT, lifting weights) but are not sure if your pelvic floor will be up to the challenge?

Have you read and heard about the Pelvic floor but are not sure where to begin when it comes to doing your exercises?

Lots of people come to me worried about their pelvic floor and afraid that they are unlikely to get better and that they may have to have surgery. Most of the time they have tightness in their pelvic floor rather than weakness, but this tightness can present as an inability to prevent the flow or urine because of the reduced movement the pelvic floor has, as a result of the tightness. Makes sense?! Sometimes the pelvic floor is not the only structure causing symptoms ; poor abdominal strength or too much abdominal strength, poor breathing habits and diet can influence continence and pelvic organ support.

An assessment of your pelvic floor can help to identify the cause of the any symptoms you have and can give you reassurance and information about your concerns. An assessment will allow the therapist to teach you how to squeeze and release your muscles correctly while incorporating relaxed breathing techniques and ensuring that your abdomen muscles are not over-active. You will go home after your session with a clear exercise program and plan,  and further sessions may or may not be recommended.

A physiotherapy assessment can help you make decisions about whether Physiotherapy  and exercises alone can help or whether you need to visit an gynaecologist or urologist.

Most of my patients tell me they wish they had come earlier for an appointment so don’t put it off! Often people are nervous about the exam itself, don’t be.

Give me a shout if you have any questions of would like to arrange an appointment on 087 2524225 or book online on the website.


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