Pregnancy Pilates Video

A little upgrade from the match-stick diagrams I have been giving out for years now!  This video is for my pregnant patients who present with Pelvic pain to my clinic. I nearly always advise reducing the activities that provoke pain and increasing the movements that promote muscle balance. The exercises in this video are gentle; however make sure you listen to your body so if you don’t feel good make sure you stop and ask advice from your GP, obstetrician or Chartered Physiotherapist. If you feel good, then enjoy! Any questions just ask, M

Pilates for older adults 2020. New Class.

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Starting Fridays in early 2020! A Pilates-Based exercise class for older adults who are looking to improve their strength, balance, posture and mobility gently and with supervision. Booking will be required for this 6 week block of classes. Please give me a shout if you would be interested in this class as I would like form a group to start the block in January if possible. Any questions just ask! Muireann 087 2524225

How strong is your pelvic floor?

Not very strong/ Quite strong/ Strong enough/ Very strong


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I read this article today and it made me think of all the patients I have seen who have reported the feeling of relief after they have had a Pelvic Floor Assessment; the sense of relief that comes with knowledge and awareness.

They are often sorry that they put it off.

The aim of Physiotherapy is to facilitate and teach correct pelvic floor contractions so that your Exercise program  becomes effective. It’s a simple starting point and an opportunity to invest in your future health.


Hope you all are still enjoying the long evenings! If you are looking ahead to September here are the Pilates classes that will  be held in Cratloe Community Hall:

Tuesday morning :

Mixed Level: Pay as you go Pilates 9.30am to 10.30am starting on Tuesday the 3rd of September. This class is suitable for all levels/ages but requires some good general fitness and the ability to move from standing to lying to all-fours with ease. It will not run during the school Mid-term break.

Post-Natal Pilates: Booking Required. 10.40am to 11.40am starting on Tuesday the 3rd of September for 6 weeks. This class is suitable for anyone who is at least 6 weeks post Vaginal delivery and at least 8 to 10 weeks post C-section. If you are having Pelvic Floor Issues I would really recommend a Pelvic Floor Assessment before you start the classes so be in touch if you would like to discuss any concerns you have.  Book here if you would like to attend.

Wednesday Evening:

Beginners/Lifestyle Pilates: 6.30pm to 7.25pm. This class will run as a block of 8 classes and needs to be booked as a block. It will be suitable for beginners and for those who have attended Pilates before and enjoy a class that is challenging but comfortable without the faster pace of the more advanced classes. Book here if you would like to attend.

Intermediate/Advanced Pilates: 7.30 to 8.30pm. Towards the end of last year I blended two classes to facilitate a progression from intermediate to advanced. It worked well, so I am leaving it this way for September/October. This class is worth commiting too  if you are ( injury-free or at least recovering from injury- give me a shout if you are unsure) looking to build your core strength for sports, posture, work and lifestyle. It is a challenging hour where all muscles are stretched and strengthened, as well as some work on balance and co-ordination. There is no need to book this class and for this reason keep an eye on facebook as if I have to cancel a class at short notice I can never reach everybody!






This is a fantastic article on pessaries by physiotherapist Sue Croft.

sue croft physiotherapist blog

pessaries in situ

If it’s a phrase I’m really sick of hearing, it’s the one that many of my patients have had said to them by too many health professionals (and some of them are doctors):

     “There’s no point in having a pessary, pessaries are just for old ladies”.

Today’s blog is to refute that argument because it just isn’t true.

A pessary is a silicone or plastic device designed to help support prolapsing pelvic organs. The first pessaries date back prior to the days of Hippocrates and their use has been documented in early Egyptian papyruses. Throughout the centuries many unusual remedies have been used such as honey, hot oil, wine, fumes, succussion, leg binding and even pomegranates. In the middle ages, linen and cotton wool soaked in many different potions were used. As new materials were discovered, pessaries evolved and began to resemble those used today. Cork and brass were soon…

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Booking now available for the next block of Post-Natal Pilates starting Tuesday the 27th of August. Babies welcome and more details about the class here

The classes will be held in Cratloe Community Hall and will run from 10.40am to 11.40am for 6 weeks. Your baby is welcome! Any questions give me a shout on 087 2524225, or book your place hereIMG_0095.

Post-Natal Pilates classes starting May 28th

New block of post-natal Pilates starting next Tuesday the 28th May at 10.40am-11.40am for 6 weeks in Cratloe Community Hall. Give me a shout if you have any questions or if you’d like to join the class. Suitable for anyone 6 weeks post Delivery, 8 weeks post C-Section. Tummy checks done before first class and babies are welcome.This is the last block before a Summer break so be in touch if you’d like to join in later in the block.