New Pilates video!

I had to cancel my classes on Monday due to the terrible weather so I decided to make a video for those of you who were disapppointed to miss your weekly Pilates workout! It’s 20 minutes long and mainly addresses abdominal and lower/upper back strength. Enjoy!


cropped-jpeg_of_same4.jpgBookings being taken for the last few places remaining for the next block of Beginners/Lifestyle Pilates at Intensity Fitness Studio in Clondrinagh, which will be starting on Monday the 6th of November at 7.30pm Click Here to book!

Bookings can be booked for the next block of Post-Natal Classes that will start on Friday the 10th of November at 10.45 for 7 weeks. Click here to book!

Remember for drop-in Classes ie Performance Pilates and Mixed Level Classes that there will be no class on Monday the 30th October and Friday the 20th October.

Pilates Updates

There are some places still available for Post-Natal Pilates so please contact me if you are interested in joining. A new block will be starting on Friday the 10th November and online booking is available by clicking here.

Monday’s Beginner’s class is booked out. A new block will start on ,on Monday November the 6th. Click here to book online (no deposit required)There are places available in the later 8.30pm which is drop-in and a slightly faster pace.

There is a drop-in mixed level class on Friday at 9.30am.

All classes are held in Intensity Fitness Studio Clondrinagh.

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All levels Pilates

Mixed level Pilates is starting back tomorrow morning at 9.30am. An hour of Pilates focusing on movement, Flexibility,Core Strengthening and Balance work. All ages and levels of fitness welcome (let me know before the class if you have injury or pain). No need to book, you can pay as you go.joe-pilates-quote-ad

September Pilates Classes

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Bookings now being taken for September Pilates:

Beginners’ ( Lifestyle) Pilates: Suitable for beginners or those looking for an energising Pilates class that focuses on building or restoring Strength, Posture, Flexibility, and Balance. Mondays at 7.30pm starting Monday the 4th of September for 8 weeks. Click here to book online.

Performance Pilates ( Intermediate/Advanced level): Suitable for those who are injury-free and who are looking for a challenging 60 minute class. Starting Monday 4th at 8.30pm. Click here to book online.

Post-Natal Classes: For new moms ( after 6 weeks). Focus will be on gentle return to full strength using a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups at the right level for new moms. This class focuses on the things you can do rather than what you can’t and everyone will have a tummy check. Block of 8 classes starting Friday the 1st of September at 10.45am. Click here to book online.

Mixed Pilates: For everyone! Starting Friday 1st of September at 9.30am. This class runs with the school-term and is a great class to finish the week feeling strong and motivated for the weekend! Click here to book online.

All classes are held in Intensity Fitness Studio in Clondrinagh ( near Tesco in Coonagh). Give me a shout for any questions and to book in! Online booking is also available.

Last weeks of Physiotherapist-led Pilates in Intensity Fitness Studio

IMG_0135All classes will be finishing up at the end of June so make sure you don’t miss out!!

Monday 7.30pm: New block of 5 classes starting tonight at 7.30pm ( no class on bank holiday Monday 5th June)Give me a shout to book in.

Monday 8.30pm: Fast paced and challenging Performance Pilates. A perfect preparation for Summer activities; pay as you go so just come along once you are fit and up for a challenge.( no class bank holiday Monday)

Friday 9.30am: Mixed level so we have anything from beginners to hard-core regulars! Pay as you go but no class on Friday the 2nd June. this class follows the school term.

Friday 10.45am:Post-natal Pilates. 60 minutes of core exercises to tackle all post-natal  muscle imbalance. New block of 5 classes starting this Friday the 26th (no Class Friday 2nd June). Give me a shout to book in.


New block of 5 Beginners (and building on) Pilates classes starting on Monday 22nd May. Contact me to book your place.


This class is for you:

if you have never done Pilates before and would like to ensure that you learn how to perform Pilates exercises with your core muscles correctly engaged. Pilates is very good for working on good posture, balance, co-ordination, flexibility and general strength as well as prevention of injury and pain. You will feel stronger and more toned after just a few sessions.

If you are looking for a good class to build up strength and tone, maintain good posture, balance and flexibility, and prevent joint pain.

if you have an injury/ condition that requires gentle rehabilitation. It can be reassuring to know that you are being instructed under the supervision of a Chartered Physiotherapist who has clinical experience dealing with injury and dysfunction.

If you are post-natal and would like to start at a beginner level ( or if you are looking for a second class and have a babysitter for this one! Please look at the post-natal section if you would like to bring your baby.)

You can be any age to join this class. The emphasis of the class will be on good technique and activation of the core in different positions. For clinical and safety reasons I would like to know my clients for this class, so that I can ensure that the exercise are specific to each individual; so this class is not a drop-in class. Please give me a shout if you are interested in joining.


Some of the conditions that can benefit from Pilates exercises are:


Recurrent Low Back Pain

Neck Pain

Any sports injuries

Shoulder problems

Iliotibial Syndrome

Knee problems

Foot injuries



Poor balance or flexibility


New block of 5 classes starting on Friday the 26th May at 10.45am in Intensity Fitness,Clondrinagh.

IMG_0099Post-natal Pilates helps your body to recover after pregnancy and delivery. The class is designed to challenge your core muscles gradually and the main aims of the class are:

To gradually and safely build up the strength in your pelvic floor to treat or prevent urinary incontinence an pelvic organ prolapse, to prepare your body for return to more intense exercise such as running, bootcamp, Zumba etc, and to prevent low back pain/ Pelvic pain in future pregnancies or just in future.

To build up the muscles that encourage good posture. Pregnancy and caring for small babies and toddlers can place so many stresses on our bodies, and mainly it encourages us to round our shoulders. Think of all the jobs that surround caring for your young children: feeding, changing nappies, lifting carseats, lifting babies in and out cots, pushing buggies,more lifting. All of these tasks lead to a change in posture that places us more at risk for lower back pain, pelvic pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. Good posture is the simplest way to counteract bad posture and the injuries it can cause

To build up general strength, flexibility and fitness. The class is 60 minutes in duration and it targets all muscles. When it comes to post-natal Pilates, there are plenty of muscles that we can work hard. Pilates is a perfect compliment to aerobic exercises as it is great for toning and strength.

You can start post-natal Pilates 6 weeks after you have had your baby. Until then your Pilates program is your pelvic floor exercises and your pelvic tilting as advised by the Chartered Physiotherapists where you had your baby. Your baby is welcome to come to the class with you! Give me a shout if you have any questions or would like to book in.






Pilates for marathon recovery !

I decided to video some Pilates exercises that might help with marathon recovery..I ran the Great Limerick Run on Sunday so went with the exercises I felt I could do myself; tight calf muscles,exhausted quads, blisters on my feet led to a nice 9 minute video of mainly movement and gentle stretches. Give it a go! Inspired by (and jealous of ) Pilates drills that are performed on beaches and beside infinity pools in lands far far away where the sun shines all the time , I brought my mat outside as the weather is so beautiful today!! There was no second chance for the videoing (too tired) so excuse my bad camera skills…Enjoy!

My long awaited first video!!

I’ve been talking about making a video for a long time so at last here is one that is suitable for most of us…emphasis on correcting postural dysfunction associated with poor posture..sitting job, driving a lot, manual work, lifting young kids etc…excuse the amateurism!! So give it a go,it’s only 14 minutes long!