Performance Pilates Classes starting back on Monday the 5th the September at 8.30pm and Friday the 9th at 9.30am in Intensity Fitness Studio, Clondrinagh. You don’t need to have done Pilates before but it is a challenging class suitable for those looking for 60 minutes of core strength, flexibility and balance exercises with the aim of preventing injury and staying strong.The classes are pay as you go, ten euro per class.Any questions please ask!



Starting September! Gentle Pilates class starting Monday evenings at 7.30pm (starting date will depend on getting a group together!). Suitable for anyone who has not done Pilates before, anyone who has been advised to do Pilates as rehabilitation from injury, for anyone who is looking to maintain strength, mobility and flexibility at any age, or for anyone who has been finding the Performance Level a little bit too much. It’s for ANYONE! The class will be run in blocks of 6 class and the cost will be 60euro for classes. Individual assessment is recommended before entry for any specific issues that may need to be addressed if any. Please contact me with any queries, 087 2524225



If in doubt get it checked out!



A study conducted in 1991 stated that 50% of women were unable to perform a correct pelvic floor contraction after verbal instruction ( Bump at al 1991). Have a read of this  leaflet, written by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists, which gives good advice on pelvic floor function and exercises. If you have been doing your exercises consistently and are not feeling any change in symptoms, it might be worth getting a pelvic floor exam to ensure you are doing your exercises properly.  Check out my website for more information on Women’s Health treatments available. Remember your pelvic floor is a very important part of your core.

Pelvic Floor Exercise Booklet