All classes are held in Cratloe Community Hall but are currently not running. Please check on this page for updates about return to classes. I may be starting online/Zoom Classes so keep an eye out for that option also. 

Click here for some online Pilates videos on my youtube channel.

I have recently launched a new website called where you can purchase the following programmes:

MyFit Postnatal

An eight-level Pilates-based exercise programmes that moves from 6-8 weeks postnatal to full return to fitness.

MyFit Diastasis

A five level Physiotherapy-led and Pilates-based programme that will educate you on self-treatment and management of Diastasis Recti Abdominis, from early diagnosis and gently specific exercise sessions to full return to exercise.

MyFit Prolapse

A five level Physiotherapy-based and Pilates-based programme that will lead you through diagnosis, early stage management, and treatment of symptoms of prolapse to return to exercise. 



My usual class time table is as follows:

Wednesday 6.30pm   Beginners’ Pilates (Booking required) Click here for more information on this.

Tuesday 9.30am         Mixed Level Pilates ( Drop-in Class). This class runs with the school term.

Tuesday 10.40am      Postnatal Pilates ( Booking required)  Click here for more information on this class

Friday 12pm                Pilates for Older Adults. Contact me for information on this class. 087 2524225





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