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I have finished up in private practice to start a new role as a Clinical Specialist in the HSE. I decided to leave my website here for educational purposes so I hope you can find some helpful information on issues you may be experiencing. Prior to working for 10 years in private practice I worked in the HSE providing women’s health physio in the Maternity Hospital; I feel lucky to be part of the expanding public services that will be available to women in the Mid-West and hope that women will be able to access public and private services equally. In my experience in private practice people will often tell me that they came for private physiotherapy because of waiting lists or referral limitations; this is nearly always related to reduced staff in the HSE. Please remember to ask you GP or Gynaecologist for physiotherapy referrals so that you can benefit from these available services. Attending private physiotherapy is always a great option if you can afford to and if you need quicker or more specific appointments and there are some fantastic private physiotherapists around. To have fantastic HSE physiotherapists and fantastic private physiotherapists will be the perfect balance!




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