Beginners/Mixed Level/ Advanced Pilates November and December


A new 6 week block of Beginner/Mixed Level Pilates will start on Wednesday the 7th of November. Because a lot of people are continuing from the last block,  both beginners and improvers are welcome to attend. Booking available here

The higher intensity class will continue for another 6 weeks on the Wednesday the 7th November too. This class differs from the beginners class in its pace and intensity but it also focuses on good technique, correction of muscle imbalance,  stretching, Strengthening and improving posture and injury prevention. Booking is not required for this class as it is a drop-in class.

There are some places available in the current block of Post-Natal Pilates so be in touch before the next block begins, if you are 6 weeks post-natal.

You can book online for Pilates classes or clinic appointments.



Do you know your Pelvic Floor?


Have you recently/ever had a baby?

Are you unsure of how to do your Pelvic Floor Exercises?

Are you feeling some weakness in your pelvic floor with or without symptoms of urinary leakage?

Are you feeling pressure in your lower pelvis/ vagina/ back passage or the feeling is out of place or dropping, particularly when you exercise or after lifting your baby/ toddler?

Are you experiencing pain during sexual intercourse?

Would you like to increase the intensity of your exercises (running, CrossFit, HIT, lifting weights) but are not sure if your pelvic floor will be up to the challenge?

Have you read and heard about the Pelvic floor but are not sure where to begin when it comes to doing your exercises?

Lots of people come to me worried about their pelvic floor and afraid that they are unlikely to get better and that they may have to have surgery. Most of the time they have tightness in their pelvic floor rather than weakness, but this tightness can present as an inability to prevent the flow or urine because of the reduced movement the pelvic floor has, as a result of the tightness. Makes sense?! Sometimes the pelvic floor is not the only structure causing symptoms ; poor abdominal strength or too much abdominal strength, poor breathing habits and diet can influence continence and pelvic organ support.

An assessment of your pelvic floor can help to identify the cause of the any symptoms you have and can give you reassurance and information about your concerns. An assessment will allow the therapist to teach you how to squeeze and release your muscles correctly while incorporating relaxed breathing techniques and ensuring that your abdomen muscles are not over-active. You will go home after your session with a clear exercise program and plan,  and further sessions may or may not be recommended.

A physiotherapy assessment can help you make decisions about whether Physiotherapy  and exercises alone can help or whether you need to visit an gynaecologist or urologist.

Most of my patients tell me they wish they had come earlier for an appointment so don’t put it off! Often people are nervous about the exam itself, don’t be.

Give me a shout if you have any questions of would like to arrange an appointment on 087 2524225 or book online on the website.


Autumn Pilates 2018

My clinic will be closed for the next two weeks; if you would like to book an appointment you can book on my website. A block of 6 Post-Natal Classes will be starting on Friday the 31st of August at 10.45am. Please book in here if you are interested. Sometimes in September the class can be very busy but if there is demand I am happy to start a second class for that busy first term. Also a block of 8 Beginners classes will start on Wednesday the 5th of September at 7pm, I am taking bookings for this class here. Performance Pilates will continue as a drop-in class at 8pm and will start back on 5th of September too. Mixed Pilates will return as a drop-in class in Friday the 7th at 9.30am.

If you would like to book a clinic appointment please go

Any queries,give me a shout!Muireann Lohan Pilates Poster Final (2)


STARTING FRIDAY APRIL 27th at 12pm. Please call me to book your place. This Pilates class is suitable for you:

  • If you would like to start a safe, gentle, modified Pilates class designed and instructed by a Chartered Physiotherapist with the aim of increasing your Strength, Flexibility, Co-Ordination and Balance
  • If you have Osteopaenia or Osteoporosis
  • If you have Arthritis in your joints
  • If you would like to improve your posture and prevent or correct rounded shoulders and/or neck and lower back pain.
  • If you are looking to improve your balance to help prevent falls in the future.
  • If you enjoy exercising in a group and would like to feel the benefits of a Pilates exercise class.

The class will run in a block of 5 weeks. If you are unsure about exercising in this class, give me a shout on 087 2524225, or have a chat with your GP or Chartered Physiotherapist. From a mobility point of view, we will exercise in standing, all fours and lying down but most exercises can be modified once you are independently mobile.


Post-Natal Pilates

Have you recently had a new baby? Unsure how to return to exercise? Chartered Physiotherapist-led Post-Natal Pilates classes are designed to help you to recover from the changes pregnancy and childbirth place on your body and to prepare for the challenges of minding your children, returning to work and sports, and continuing your full injury-free life.  Click here for more information on classes and click here to book into the next block of 6 classes starting on Friday the 23rd of February ( There will be a 2 week break over Easter).pilates-post-october

Post-Natal Pilates Starting Friday 12th 2018

For all attending the Post-Natal Pilates classes this Friday in Cratloe Community Hall. Please note that this class is booked out. Directions: When you come in to Cratloe, you will pass the Woodcross pub on your left. Take the right turn at the pub and the Community Hall is about 200 metres down the road on your left-hand side. You can come up the drive where there is some parking or you can park on the road. Any queries just give me a shout on 087 2524225. IMG_0099